My best friend Gigì

Every morning, I wake up at 7 am. I sit in my kitchen and do my make up on our tiny blue couch while I wait for my coffee. I usually listen to a podcast while I get ready. At around 8:30 am, I drag my bike down three flights of stairs and head to work. I used to walk to work, but the summer heat has been unbearable in Florence so I started biking.

One of the first times I rode my bike down the Arno towards Santa Croce, I saw Gigì.

ggGigì hanging out in front of his house.

Gigì is a tiny grey cat who lives on Corso Italia, right behind the American Consulate in the center of Florence. He’s 8 and he’s always chillin’ with his cool Dad who’s probably around 75-years-old and is obsessed with him. Gigì wears a tiny bell on his tiny red collar.

Since the city center of Florence is really touristy, it’s rare to run into cats and dogs outside, so it’s really comforting to see Gigì and pet him after a long day at work.

The other thing I love about G is that our cat Zero looks exactly like him. I have a weakness for tiny grey cats.

7d6b337f-ad17-4b06-b0db-e6e154c239a0 (1)Zero, my tiny bean.

Ciao G! See you Monday. x



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